Monday, October 4, 2010

Ce qui se produit à Paris?

As always, Galliano was a clear favourite (and always will be!), alongside Viktor & Rolf, Issey Miyake and Alexis Mabille. I was however, slightly disappointed with Ricardo Tisci and even Decarnin. Givenchy just didn't inspire me like it usually does, and whilst I love the toughed up punk version of Christophe Decarnin's newest offering, I couldn't help but feel the cut & shaping was just so similar to previous seasons.

Phoebe Philo was, as usual absolutely spot on with the cut & styling this season. Love the simplicity yet complex cut going on at Celine for S/S 2011.

But surprisingly, this season, it's actually Watanabe that's stolen the show(s) for me. The twisted nautical theme has such an original feel to does he always manage to do that?

Sheer genius in every sense. Deconstructionist cuts never cease to amaze me.

Also; not usually being a massive fan of the typical Italian designers..(Cavalli and Versace excluded!), having just written a press release for Armani, I have to say I was quite inspired by the Femme Bleue theme!

Images courtesy of Style.


Grace said...

I love the oversized fit in the first photo!

Love Grace.

rouli said...

cool collection here!

loveeeeeeee the 3,4,5 pic!!!!!!

cool looks!


Wardrobe Wars said...

coming from girls who adore nautical styles we just can't decide on the above collections , there is something odd about the shapes but, guess thats what fashion does , push out the normal usual idea's ! thanks for sharing and making us think.

Greetings from Ireland.

Fifi and Niamh ( The WardrobeWars Girls )
Hope you stop by some time , we would love to hear from what you think.

wobblinbetty said...

crazy collection, very interesting! xxx

hiven said...

love your blog

Cindy Whitehead said...

interesting - especially the "blanked out faces"

A. said...

I loved celine this season

LYDIA HOPE said...

Ooohh how did I miss these?!!

Ariadne said...

Lovely collection!!