Saturday, March 20, 2010

TVoS Travels: Part 6

Finally, I've finished uni for a month! This is an incredibly overdue post, but Pierre-Jean from So Black Tie took this for me in France a while back. It's the view of les Iles d'or.

Image copyright of Pierre-Jean Manfreo.


anoushka said...

This is beautiful!
i shall be taking cards with me to america when i go this summer... you will have sea views in new jersey, city views in new york and any other pretty places i find :)
hope you enjoy your break lovely! xx

Anonymous said...


the photo is fun

Pierre-Jean said...

Hey hey. And here is the place for "Le festival international des arts de la mode" in Hyères.
@ +++

LYDIA HOPE said...

I love it and that view, well, what a beauty! Summer really can't come quick enough x

Maria Tavares said...

Such a funny picture! Kinda made me laugh :D