Thursday, January 13, 2011

Burberry Beach.

Happy New Year, only 13 days late..
I've been so busy, haven't had a chance to check in at all. It's under 48 hours til I fly to LA for a new adventure interning at Wildfox Couture..and I'm nowhere near ready.

Here's a quick update!
2010 brought a lot of things for me, most excitingly the internship in LA of course, but also to feature on the set of The Kings Speech, working with Emma Cook (some of the garments I made are up on the website now!), and designing some lingerie that will hopefully be coming out in La Senza soon..(photos to come once I'm settled in America!)

Over the Christmas period I gained a new member to the camera family..a very nice Canon digital SLR, which I cannot WAIT to get out and about with in California. I was also offered the opportunity to go to London Fashion Week to a selection of shows in February..and I am very gutted that I won't be here to take that offer up, although I'm hoping it might be possible to go in September when I'm back instead! In the mean time, I've just seen the new Burberry ad campaign shot on Brighton Beach, so here's a few from the preview.

I can't wait to hit a sandy beach in 23 degree first stop is going to be helping on the set of the next Santa Barbara, possibly my favourite place in California!

Posts will probably be a little sparse until I get myself sorted in a house with internet, but for now, Happy New Year, may it bring you prosperity, love and happiness!

Images courtesy of the Burberry Facebook Page.


Anoushka said...

ah jazz can't wait for you to take LA by storm! and very jealous of all the pretty pictures you will undoubtedly be getting :) here's to 2011 being even better... but with a start in summerland it most definitely will be!

and as usual Burberry have aced their ad campaign photos :) xx

Michaela said...

Ah the internship sounds amazing! I love this campaign too!

LYDIA HOPE said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you've had a crazy year, I'm moving to New York for a few months in October, can I ask what Visa you applied for?! Hope you have a lovely time and settling in isn't too stressful :)

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