Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cakes & Books

I went to Camden for the first time in ages this week, it's changed so much! There appear to be statues of lions and horses in places that there definitely weren't statues of lions and horses before..either way, it's the first time I've been since the canal market reopened after the fire there a few years ago.
I picked up some amazing battered out, hand bound leather sketchbooks from a stall down there, I can't wait to fill them up with beautiful pictures and personal sketches!
Here's a few personal photos from recently.

I made the cakes for my homecoming party the weekend I got back from America which was 'American' themed! My Vogue collection is slowly getting taller and taller, especially with all the American copies I brought home in my suitcase!

Images all from my camera.

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Anoushka said...

yay! old books and food, of the cake variety! my fave! :) x