Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rhinestone Eyes

I was working at Topshop Sunday night, when everyone started getting excited and talking about Cher having come onto our floor. Being that it was the xfactor weekend I assumed everyone was talking Cher Lloyd..but after walking past a strange looking woman in a cowboy hat coated in rhinestones and massive dark sunglasses..I realised we were actually talking about THE Cher.

Anyway it reminded me of when I was about 9 or 10 years old and she released 'Believe'. It was number one for about 7 weeks, I used to watch Top of the Pops religiously on Friday nights and really remember loving that song!
She had some cool takes on the hippy thing as well.

I think I might go and see her new film with Christina Augilera - 'Burlesque' - now, just for fun!

Images courtesy of ew.com


Anoushka said...

ahh, thats pretty nifty! i remember that song wasn't it one of her many 'comebacks'? :)

Katie said...

Love love Cher!

M said...

I really want to go and see Burlesque! That seems like pretty exciting day!

Ronnie said...

Did you see the movie? if yes, how was it, and do you reccomend for watching?