Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Balloon Art

I think it's about time I thanked a special reader. Everyday since I've started this project, a friend of mine has been supporting me left, right and centre. She reads every single post, and constantly leaves me feedback. She also leaves me suggestions and websites that might interest me. Today, she posted me a link to this balloon art thread. I still can't quite believe it's possible to create an actual outfit out of...balloons! So a huge thank you to Anoushka, for all her support, and of course, the source of today's post !

Images from
Oddee via Anoushka.


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Julia said...

great pictures!

Anoushka said...

aww! thank you sweet :) ...i bet you would have found this eventually though ;) xx

princesspolitico said...

fabulous inspiration!


Britty said...

that is sweet!

Derek Cardigan said...

Once I had a craft party with my friends in which we made balloon hats. It takes a lot of skill to even make those, I can't imagine how much it takes to make clothes!

Jess ♡ said...

Amazing. I can't get over this <3