Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leather, Feather, Heather.

Vogue Mexico December 2009. Amazing editorial shot by Cliff Watts.

Images from tobacco and leather.


Anoushka said...

beautiful! ...the clothes and the model hehe
her eyes are amazing! x

xo, Alexi said...

great find and props to cliff watts!

fritha louise said...

ooh I love it!
And of course you can use my header, feel free!
Happy New Year!

asymmetricera said...

beautiful editorial, the model is super pretty!


Damsels said...

love the unexpected pink fur ..
vogue mexico looks awesome i should check one out soon

maria said...

Rock and Roll editorial!

amantes♡amentes said...

i loved this editorial too! she's pretty.

prashant said...

of course you can use my header, feel free!

beyonce video

● B I M B A ● said...

i like the face of that girl! she is so pretty!!