Saturday, December 26, 2009

TVoS Travels: Part 4 Wales!

Huge thanks to Alex Clarke for these !


iƱaki said...

I love Wales! My flatmate is from there and I've been a couple of times. It rocks


xo, Alexi said...

mmm so jealous!

NADINE said...

i noticed it said u go to uni of leeds! does that mean ur from leeds! cause id love to go to leeds festival this summer have u ever been? or know what its like?!


Lilee said...

omg hope you had fun heheh! love the second pic, reminds me of me behind silly hehe. omg i know, that comment on my blog, "You couldn't make yourself look more like a tweenie bopper fan girl if you tried." was so stupid grrr. i think you're the only person that noticed!

NADINE said...

hi!! ofcourse you can use my header for it im flattered!

i was actually looking at reading festival aswell and i know other people that have been too it and heard some amazing stuff about it soo i might just be spending the last weekend of august in reading next year! ahah!

thankss!! xx