Friday, November 6, 2009

Fashion Geometry

Two words you'd never think to associate together? Fashion + geometry. This assignment for my Design Theory module has taken me over fifty hours to complete.
We were required to create twelve tiling patterns, the first six from a square cut into unequal shaped tiles, the second from an equilateral triangle again of unequal shaped tiles. The original square and triangle had to be cut up and made into a new plane then reflected, flipped horizontally, vertically, rotated etc until twelve different patterns were created. We then had to illustrate an end use, show inspiration, and work out scales & costings.

Also, my tights are supposed to be priced at £24.37 not £24,37!

Pages created myself using Photoshop CS3.


anoushka said...

wow, jazz!
i think they are really cool, could totally see people wearing something like that
really love the colour scheme :) x

manfredteh said...

wow! i really like the fact u used a rounded 1/4 circle and it still worked out nicely! no wonder it took you 50 hours on it!

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Wow, its so interesting to see how a product is made and priced up! I'd buy those tights :D

I love the presentation of this :)

Hayley C said...

i love how youve set these up. they look great. clearly explained too :) x x