Sunday, November 29, 2009

Off Duty

I've been garment researching all day..and it's starting to prove quite useful for inspiration. I was looking through for past collections with sportswear for fashion or rever collars and naturally, came across one of Chanel Iman for Badgley Mischka Autumn/Winter 2007..which reminded me of several pictures I've been meaning to post for a while but haven't got round to yet. I love her sense of style, she always looks just perfect.

Images from
Style and Altimira NYC.


anda said...

great blog

Poli said...

funny, i've been doing pretty much the samem but i was looking through a little bot more remoted collections - from 2004. and if u are looking for inspiration - check out Fall 2004 - its absolutely stunning! and i made a selection from coats, which strikened me most. check it out here!

and, yep, Iman is great! her body is so fragile...)

Poli said...

yep, it's Gisele) i was surprised 2)))

hope, you will keep on 2 visit my blog!)

Stevie said...

Third photo is such a great outfit! I need sequin leggings.

gemma said...

hey lovely pictures!
I love the girl in the last one!

thanks for the lovely comments you left on my page!xx

Lu said...

I love the third pic! That girl can definitely pose and those shoes are yum :)

Koko said...

she has a great style :)
I like the first outfit

thanks for the lovely comment^^


Cristina said...

hiii! thanks so much for the comment on my blog.
yours is GREAT as well. i'm actually thinking of doing my dissertation on fashion blogs so i guess you could say mine is possibly for school too!

ps- i LOVE chanel iman's style!!! her individual street style is amazing (and she obviously looks good in everything)- look at that blazer and thigh high boots, the sequined leggings and bootie heels. again, in LOVE haha.

Heather of Heat Storm said...

oooh the last 2 pics are my faves! sweeet blue eyeshadow and such a cool look of boots and sequin tights!

CoocooforCoco said...

Oh, I love her, she is absolutely my favorite model. The eyeshadow in the second picture is TO DIE FOR. Too bad you can't make that with any of the crap they sell at the drug store!

MannequinMe said...

her legs go on


daisychain said...

she looks amazing, always. I'd kill for her legs as well as her style!

a. said...


Victoria Hart said...

She really does have amazing style...but I just dislike her so much, I'm not really sure what it is, but there's something that isn't quite right for me with the way she looks...I also hate her attitude in interviews...oh gosh, I sound so mean haha! xxx

Balkan Magiques said...

She's so great! I love Chanel :)

#' Iv

LYDIA HOPE said...

Chanel IS perfect! She's so beautiful, I met her at fashion week and she was really nice too. Her legs are officially insane it's not fair!

Little Doe said...

fuck chanel iman depresses me.