Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Featured on So Black Tie

Today, I have the privilege of being featured on a prestigious French fashion blog So Black Tie. Pierre-Jean is an innovative graphic designer who writes beautifully about current fashion, inspiration and fashion musings. He conducts weekly questionnaire interviews with fashion bloggers, and I am delighted to be the first English blogger to feature on his website.

Here's a preview of the post:

"Des circonvolutions pour vous parler d'une première fois et oui j'ai le plaisir de publier aujourd'hui mon premier questionnaire soblacktie "in english", cela me surprend mais j'ai des lectrices et des lecteurs anglo-saxons, j'ai la chance d'être linké aux USA, en Angleterre et au Brésil, ne me demandez pas comment cela se fait, je n'en sais rien. Toujours est il que Jasmine m'a demandé un coup de main pour faire connaître son blog The Virtue of Style qui est aussi par la même occasion son projet universitaire. Elle suit un cursus dans la mode et je pense qu'elle serait très contente si vous passiez lui rendre visite."

[It is difficult to talk about someone for the first time but yes I have the pleasure to publish today my first questionnaire soblacktie "in english", that surprises me but yes, I have English readers, I am lucky to be linked to the USA, England and to Brazil, do not ask me how it has been done, I do not know. Jasmine asked me a lend a helping hand to make her blog 'The Virtue of Style' known, that is of the same occassion, her university project. She studies fashion design and I think that she would be very grateful if you passed by her blog to pay her a visit.]

I answered such questions as; What would you be if you were a handbag? A place you associate with fashion? Another fashion blog?

To read the full article and my answers to his questionnaire, click

Image and quotation from So Black Tie.
Translation is my own.


anoushka said...

wow Jazz!
that's great, i'm so impressed :)
loved the answers and "this little piggy went to Prada" is great. (it was my calendar last year hehe)

tobaccoandleather said...

thanks so much for going to the trouble of linking the interview for me! very sweet of you, thanks for letting me know

much love


a. said...

woohoo, that's really great, congrats.

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your feature, darling!!


isis said...

Copngratulations for yoyr new blog. I come from the advices of PJ !!!
You can come on my Isis Blog !!

Pierre-Jean said...

Thank you too. Now, i just waiting for your participation for selfportrait soblacktie, it will be great. :)

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