Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fashion Lecture

Yesterday, my 20th Century Fashion lecture was taken by the "grandfather of British fashion", Roland Klein. Attending fashion college with Yves Saint Laurent, and then taking his first jobs at both Jean Patou and Christian Dior, Roland Klein is considered a legend amongst the fashion world. Now retired from fashion and working in interior design, his website states: "Good design doesn't begin and end with fashion".
He worked as an assistant designer to Karl Lagerfeld, before moving to London and beginning his own line under his own name. We were shown some of his work being worn by the likes of Naomi Campbell and Yasmin Le Bon but most impressively, Princess Diana. He had some amazing experiences to share.

One of his designs, modelled by Naomi Campbell

Answering my question about the recession affecting the price of Couture pieces!

Overall, it was such an interesting lecture, and really insightful to listen to.

All images from my camera.
Quotes from
The Independant and Roland Klein's interior website.


Couture Carrie said...

Very cool experience, darling!



Hello Jasmine!

Such a great pleasure to exchange links to you! You are a smart and cool girl, I can see it!

Thanks so much for the links, I love to make a new friend and I love UK!

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Raez said...

oooh! that seems liek a really interesting subject, would love to hear more about it:)

xx raez

gi. said...

Ahhh. A-MAAA-ZING. I wish we could have lecturers like that at my school!

Anonymous said...

I love this man! He is such a great inspiration.