Friday, November 13, 2009

Femme avec Ombrelle (deux)

Again, a photo taken several years ago in Cahors, France, with a terrible camera. Something about the movement in the shot attracted my attention though.

Model: Alex Clarke
Photography and editing is my own work.


michelle_ said...

this would've have an awesome shoot is you're moving and the background is still.

thanks for the comment by the way !
I've got a new VIDEO BLOG up now ! it's the DIY tutorial of the shredded shirt you commented on :)
please check it out if you have time..

Yuka said...

terrible camera or not, the photo still came out beautiful. love photos in the rain

Britty said...

nice and lovely picture!added you to my blog list!

Mouthwash said...

the photo may be ears old, but black and white photography is so classic! i like the trench.


anoushka said...

this photo is beautiful sweet :) xx