Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get Creative

I came across this section of Style (Sunday Times supplement) magazine recently.
"Get creative with Nina Chakrabarti's sketchbook for fashion lovers".
What a great idea, I've put them all in my inspiration sketchbook.

Scanned from Style, design alterations are my own.


a. said...


sorry, i'm too tired to write more...

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Hehe, I love this page! I took to it with felt tip pens and came up with some rather hideous designs, but it was nice and fun on a sunday morning :)


Anonymous said...

Hi jasmin, it's official I am a first time blogger and have had a quick glance over your site, looks great, unlike the knitting - don't worry, it wasn't my forte either.

I shall be visiting again and trying to pick up some fashion points from you. Fashion is not just for the young you know, and when does fashion become style, and when do you know if you have style? Moveover, what if you don't have style but really want to know what you should be wearing this season, or more importantly today? I leave you with these thoughts goodnight, from Denise Young

Annie said...

oh hey new friend ;D
i love your blog!

and this page is great! :D

anyway, i've linked and followed you back :)
thanks for stopping by!
will be in touch soon :D

love annie xx

anna bu said...

yap i will start an inspiration book too. bought the book today :)