Monday, November 16, 2009

Key Shapes

Inspiration for today: a selection of images that inspired the key shaping trends for Autumn/Winter 2010/11. I'm currently researching into the shape trends for my design journal, and these caught my eye in particular.

[Top to bottom: AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2009 issue, Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2009, Balenciaga Autumn/Winter 2009]
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liana said...

first pic----WOW. that skirt is amazing.

Britty said...

good inspiration
LV Autumn look awesome!

Emily said...

The Balenciaga look is just way too good!

Moomby said...

i love, love, love that last skirt! thanks for sharing these images!

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

I love the Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga collection for Autumn/Winter '09!

xox thuhien nguyen.

Keith said...

Great photos. I like them all. The middle one is my favorite. Cheers!

anoushka said...

wow, that skirt is amazing and i love the boots! hehe xx

renatah said...

hello! thanks for commenting on my blog. i like yours, it's very individual.

as for this post, the first picture is breathtaking!